Boyndie Sprint

Boyndie SprintSprints

Events take place on a smooth sealed surface over a measured distance, against the clock.
Cars range from standard production saloons to single seaters, and are divided into classes by engine capacity and level of modification.

ADMC currently run four Sprint events each year at Grampian Kart Club Boyndie Drome by Banff, each double header is held over two days, one in July and the second in September.

Boyndie Sprint Results
Boyndie Sprint Regs and Entry Form

Getting Started in Sprinting.

You must be at least 16 years old.

You need:

  1. Boyndie Sprint startTo join a motorsport club such as ADMC
  2. A Competition Licence issued by the MSA (minimum requirement-Non Race National B)
  3. MSA Blue book requirements: 9.2.1. Throughout practice and Competition, all Drivers must wear clothing, helmet and goggles complying with K.9 to 11. Overalls homologated to either FIA 8856-2000 or FIA 1986 standard are mandatory
  4. Competitors are required to wear flame resistant gloves (K.14.3(e)
  5. A car complying with the MSA regulations, including some safety equipment and fitted with a timing strut.
  6. MSA Specific Regs for Sprints, Hill Climbs and Drag Racing, correct at Jan 2012 - PDF document - MSA requirements Sprinting

  7. Study the MSA Blue book - all the above information is contained.

Further information is available on the Guyson Scottish Sprint and Hillclimb Championship website including the Newcomers sub-forum on Flatchat, the excellent Scottish Sprint and Hillclimb Championship forum: